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About the ABVSC

  • About

    Amazing friendships, teamwork and camaraderie. Schools from all over Australia and overseas come together on Coolangatta Beach to battle it our for the ultimate Beach Volleyball Schools Cup title.

  • Competition Information

    Find out more about the divisions on offer, entry fees and the competition rules and regulations.

  • Have Fun

    The ABVSC is all about the fun and enjoyment of being out of the classroom with your friends enjoying your time in the sun on one of Australia's iconic beaches.

  • Our Team

    Meet the ABVSC team and join our "volleyteer" crew on the beach and register today

Key Dates

The Australian Beach Volleyball Schools Cup is structured around a set calendar of key dates to create clarity and alignment for schools to plan toward.


Event Schedule

  • 4:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Online

Technical Meeting

The ABVSC Technical Meeting will be hosted as an online conference call for all schools to engage. A representative from every school is required to attend this meeting to get the latest information about the upcoming event.

Matches commence

Matches commence

Matches for the ABVSC will commence from 8am. See competition draw for details.

Matches Commence

Matches Commence

Matches for the ABVSC will commence from 8am. See competition draw for details.

Finals Matches Commence

Finals Matches Commence

Finals matches for the ABVSC will commence from 8am. See competition draw for details.

Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony

The ABVSC closing ceremony commences at the conclusion of medal matches. Overall Champion school cup will be presented at this time. Medals will be presented in a rolling format throughout the day to all medal recipients.


Enter Your Teams




  • Equivalent to the AVSC "Honours" division
  • Teams of 2 players can be entered with no substitutions




  • Equivalent to the AVSC "Divisional" competition
  • Teams can be entered with 4 to 6 players in each team


Latest Newsletters

  • November 20, 2020

Newsletter #2

Welcome to Issue 2 of the 2021 Australian Beach Volleyball Schools Cup Newsletter. The purpose of these newsletters is to keep all schools up-to-date with the latest information about the upcoming ABVSC. These newsletters will provide relevant information for schools to ensure they are aware of all necessary entry details and scheduling around the tournament. We are now just 6 months…

  • October 1, 2020

Newsletter #1

The Australian Beach Volleyball Schools’ Cup (ABVSC) is a new event by Volleyball Australia, hosted in Queensland’s Gold Coast targeting teams from across Australia and internationally.   This event have been developed to provide an competition that is professionally delivered and fair to all who participate. Providing an environment that encourages ever increasing levels of competition that are the prime…


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    Coolangatta Beach,
    Marine Parade,
    Coolangatta, QLD

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